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Szabó Pigeon

Welcome dear Visitor!

My name is Béla Szabó, I was born in 1959 in Miskolc, and I’m living with my family in Boldva.

Just as others, I came to liking the animals in my childhood; we always had pig, chicken, pigeon, dog and cat around the house.

I loved the pigeons through my brother, Sándor, who bred racing pigeons in the beginning then F1 utility pigeons, with high proficiency.

We kept together 60 pairs of pigeons in the middle of 80’s and we sold the progeny for utility pigeons.

Already in case of the selection of species, the American giant homer raised my interest with its form and calm temperament.

We bought our first American giant homers from Dr. István Pátzay and from this event only this type of pigeon exists for me as the embodier of the pigeons.

Unfortunately, because of personal reasons, I had to break off the pigeon breeding twice, but I could restart it every times.

I have birds again from July 8, 2008. I have received a lot of help to establish my breeding stock from Sándor Lippai, János Molnár, Miklós Földvári, Sándor Lénárt and Ferenc Csótka.

In my free time, I would like to spend more time between my birds and admire their beauty.

I would like to breed other check coloured pigeons in yellow, red and other colour. I would like to improve the Jethro-type grizzle line.

With this website, I would like to popularize the American giant homer and raise the attention for it.

Many thanks for my son, Bence for establishing this website and for his friend, Ádám Regecz for the nice pictures.

I wish to my visitors nice time and fun!

Béla Szabó

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