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Szabó Pigeon

The history of the senior father, ………because he has.

Jethro (†2013) hatched out from the egg in the loft in the spring of 2001. His blue bar collar father was from Endre Pápai breeder, while his grizzle mother was from Béla Bula’s loft. The senior father reached an excellent result in the young show in Kisköre.

In 2003, I had to break off the pigeon breeding, so Jethro was out of my loft. After 5 years, when I started again the breeding, I visited Zsolt Nyeste breeder and for my surprise I met again with this old, dear bird, which was 6 years old, but he incubated and bred well.

As a friendly gesture, I got back this precious pigeon, which is the life member, senior father of my loft today.

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Jethro pair

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